To celebrate the National Civic Day of Hacking, we invite all people who want to make a difference in our region to join us at the annual Houston Hackathon! This is a “civic” hackathon, focused on ideating, designing, and developing both policy-based and tech solutions to some of Houston’s greatest challenges. Project stakeholders will be there from the city, local organizations, and Houston's impact community!

We envision a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable economy, where people are empowered with the skills, capacity, and resources they need to take action. We invite you to be a part of this vision by participating in this annual opportunity to develop systemic and transformative solutions for Houston – solutions that are rooted in local communities so that they are as diverse as Houston, and work for ALL of Houston.

Learn more about Impact Hub Houston at and the Code for Houston initiative at


Please feel free to tackle a new challenge, try a new approach to a challenge you've worked on before, or bring a solution you're currently working on and want to recruit some help for. You don't need to have a finished prototype by the end of the week, but please make sure to work on your idea/solution Pitch Presentation!


You can use this template to guide you through developing your Pitch Presentation for submission:


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$3,450 in prizes

Meet City of Houston Leaders to discuss your solution and explore implementation (3)

The winning teams will be invited to meet with the relevant City of Houston representatives — and potentially with the Mayor of Houston — to explore the potential of implementing the solution and determine what resources may be available to help the team take the solution to the next level.

Impact Hub Houston Community Membership (3 months for up to 2 team members) (3)

The winning teams will be able to select 2 members to receive Community Membership to Impact Hub Houston, and gain access to all the resources and support of the Impact Hub community to continue developing their solution.

(All teams will continue to receive ongoing support from the Code for Houston community to help bring your project to life, though!)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Grace Rodriguez

Grace Rodriguez
Impact Hub Houston

Jeff Reichman

Jeff Reichman
January Advisors

Nate Thompson

Nate Thompson
City of Houston

Raphael Louvrier

Raphael Louvrier
City of Houston

Summer Xiao

Summer Xiao
City of Houston

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    How is this solving a need, answering a question, serving citizens, or otherwise making an impact?
  • Ambition
    How big is the challenge that the project addresses? How many people will the solution help? How diverse of populations will it help?
  • Progress
    How far did the team get? Was the challenge well-researched and the solution well-designed? Were they able to create a process map or prototype?
  • Presentation
    Did the team communicate their work in a compelling way? Was it easy to understand the project, the scope, and their progress?
  • Viability
    Can this solution be reasonably implemented? Are there resources already in place, or easy to secure, to continue developing and strengthening this solution and fulfill its potential impact? Will many people be able to access and adopt it?

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